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"Star Opal's mission is to send joy to every customer through our jewelry. We adore and love each carefully selected piece, and hope to share the same enthusiasm with everyone."


I always loved jewelry, but who doesn't? From my earliest childhood memories, jewelry always brought me such positive and exciting feelings.   

Fast forward to the days studying for my business classes: I felt something was amiss from it all.  Lessons came about trying to teach battle tactics in times of fierce competition, all the while having classmates facing off one another.  It was always about competing to be the best, and while I did try it at first, I felt miserable. What I truly wanted to do was to inspire happiness in someone's day through my efforts. The feeling you get when you come home, and there sits that unopened packing waiting for you.  I still remember vividly the day I came across these crystal rings online that left me feeling very intrigued.  I didn't realize how mesmerizing those crystal rings were to me until I finally ordered myself some.  Upon receiving the crystal rings, a light inside flickered on, and I thought to myself:  I want to be able to introduce these types of beautiful jewelry to everyone. Then came my idea and wish of wanting to share the same joy and beauty, one jewelry piece at a time.  This is how Star Opal came to be.

Thank you for visiting Star Opal, and I hope you will also find something in our crystal jewelry collection that you can fall in love with.